Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Queer Representation in the Media

The author of the "Queer Representation in Film and TV" states  that networks are willing to feature queer characters- so long as the shows are profitable and have high viewer ratings. I think that although shows like Will & Grace or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy becoming popular in the mainstream is a somewhat positive thing, these shows still grossly stereotype the queer community, so what good is it really doing? Not all gay men are wealthy and stylish, but that's what it takes for America to be okay with queer representation in a prime time slot, I guess. The author says networks are being cautious, where I would say they're just feeding into stereotypes or just plain old making them up as they go. The section on "Queer Representation in the Media" suggests that the queer community pushed back against this and there has been slightly wider representation since, but since I don't watch a lot of tv, I don't know how true that is, or how much better it has gotten. I would even venture that Queer Eye might be used in homophobic arguments, that gay men are trying to "turn" straight guys gay. Is that the case? NO, of course not, but look at popular shows aimed toward a similar demographic in a similar time slot: freaking Duck Dynasty. I do often wonder about who makes these shows - what is their identity and speaking location? I really liked the questions it asks of queer representation, as it reminds me of the Bechdel test we spoke of several weeks ago (I think many tv shows would fail, horribly).

In all of my excitement for seeing my favorite comic series turned into live action movies, I had never really thought about the film's plot also being a reference to queer representation and acceptance, nor did I know that the director (Bryan Singer) identified as queer! It makes me love the franchise even more!

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  1. ya so cute.

    I definitely agree with everything you said. People add the queers for the ratings and to think they're being edgy and accepting. Like look how cool we are! We got dem qweeeeehs!