Friday, March 21, 2014

Museum of the American Teenager

The topic of my exhibit is heavy metal! 

It's a genre of music near and dear to my own heart, as I grew up with exposure to some legendary metal bands. I specifically want to explore why metal during the 1980s became so popular with teens, and the cultural conflict that existed (and still does) between metal music, Regan era conservatism (via homophobic, sexist, pro-patriarchy religious icons like Pat Robertson), and the view of teens who listened to metal during this time. My premise is that metal offered many teens (although not all teens, as the fanbase was largely male, and white) a space to be themselves and express themselves as they wished without the harsh criticism and backlash of American society under Ronald Reagan conservatism. Metal, and teens who listened to metal bands, unfortunately did receive backlash anyways in the culture wars of the time: deemed as Satanic cult members and branded as evil, regardless of what anyone's personal beliefs actually were.

Current sources:
- Weinstein, Deena. Heavy Metal: A Cultural Sociology.
- Wiederhorn, Jon. Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal.
- Harrison, Thomas. Music of the 1980s.   *This is worth a look to a few other projects!
- Bukszpan, D. The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal.
- Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen. Metalheads: Heavy Metal Music and Adolescent Alienation.
- Berelian, Essi. Rough Guide to Heavy Metal.

I'd like to ask everyone how much text they plan on including in their posters.... I am a little nervous about including too much, or too little.

A little sample of one of my all-time favorite bands, Iron Maiden. A lot of my aesthetics for my poster will be linked to this band and their imagery. 

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